Friday, August 27, 2010

Days like this are why I moved to New Zealand

After an early morning Skype with the parents (and a little nap), we got a late start for bicycling. I have no recollection of any tandeming this winter, but the 19 degree sun was calling to us. A beautiful ride along the Tuki Tuki River ended Clifton, where we had coffee and scones at an outdoor table overlooking the ocean. We took the short route back (incidentally, that's pronounced root here, unless you want some giggles), and stopped at:

1) Elephant Hill Winery. Wines, ehhh,,,especially for the price. The restaurant (which we did not eat at) has possibly the best view anywhere.

2) Askerne Winery. Very nice man talked to us for an hour and a half. Inexpensive estate grown wine; good enough for us to carry home a couple of bottles.

3) Te Mata Cheese Company. Always worth stopping if you're going by.

Total distance: 36 miles.
Total time: 6 hours.

Nico is supposed to be making a pizza now...


Anonymous said...

Michael failed to mention how amazing the scones and coffee were. Two scones per serving, with butter, jam, and cream. Served at a table outside or in, within view of crashing waves and beautiful countryside and the white cliffs of Cape Kidnappers. It was the best day in NZ so far, I think. :) - Nicole

Anonymous said...

You okay?? - Nunnally

Michael Lasko said...

Yep; earthquake was on the other island. Didn't feel it here.