Friday, October 29, 2010

Just like Maui used to make

Unless you have a very nice friend or family member with a very large car, the best way to see Shine falls (Hawke's Bay's best waterfall) via the Boundary Stream Track would be to have half of your party start on one side and the other half on the other. Each group would walk in opposite directions, pass each other somewhere in the middle, and then drive the other group's car home. Did that make any sense?

Perhaps that would not be the best way, as one of the groups would be walking downstream (downhill) and the other would be walking uphill for 4 hours. So we went with a more complicated plan: Two cars drove to the finish, everybody crammed into our car, and we drove 15 km (over gravel roads) to the start. Here's a photo of one of the times we had to stop due to car sick passengers. There are 8 people scattered around the car.

Here's a little bit of Boundary Stream (taken while crossing):

Mi amigo Jason thinking about crossing the stream (and about to splash me):

Why yes, that is a giant boulder that nearly crushed the "Beware of Giant Boulders" sign.

A little bit of paradise (you have no idea how difficult it was to get this close after a few days of heavy rain)

Photographing water moving that quickly is challenging as 1)the heavy canopy of trees allows very little light through and 2) the falls are spraying a heavy mist on everything within view.

Like many reserves, this one is surrounded by farmland...or more correctly, sheepland. Get in line, you sheep.

In other news, here's my very Kiwi emergency repair of an old pipe in our garden.

In still other news, here's my brand new (to me) kayak:

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