Monday, November 29, 2010

You didn't leave me anything that I can understand

[Note to any customs or immigration agents that might be readers of my page: all of the items pictured below are used, and owned by me for more than 90 days prior to their arrival in this country. Nicole did not buy anything from zappos, and I did not go a little crazy over the last few weeks on amazon.]

I had asked my mother to bring a few hard (or impossible) to find items with her on her trip to NZ. As I got a little carried away on the things we just had to have (like a charger for my laptop, a flash for the camera, a tuxedo shirt, cleaning solution for my electric razor...the list goes on), I gave her a ranking of which items to leave behind if she ran out of room in her suitcase.

A few days before she left, she started worrying about whether her few electric items would work here (or rather in Sydney, as our house is well stocked with 5000W 240 to 120 step up/down transformers). She struggled to read the fine print on her camera charger, but eventually we decided all she needed was an outlet converter. I told her to bring a couple, as we always seem to be needing another one...especially if she wanted a lamp in her room. Four have now appeared here. As have a couple of tail lights for my PT cruiser that I must have mentioned to her the day before her flight. And a bag of tefillin that belonged to my great-grandfather that she found in her garage during a recent clean out.

All packed nicely in a Holland America canvas bag...I assume she meant to give it to us when her ship docked in Napier today. We were back in time to see it off.

Nobody ever loves you like your mom.


Tana said...

"I'm thinking about the way that lost things always come back
Looking like something else
A fishing pole, a shoe, an old shirt, a lucky day..."

Stephanie said...
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