Monday, January 03, 2011

Looking through pictures from last months California trip...

As could be expected, most of the trip was business, and not great blog material. But a few highlights did appear on the memory card:

The LA Arboretum. We had a couple of hours to kill before a dentist appointment. [Thank you to my old, old, old friend Dr. Huy and his lovely wife for not hurting us too much.] Kiwis will be surprised to learn that you have to pay to get into the Arboretum. Everyone else will be surprised to learn that we used to have peacocks showing up in our backyard and on our roof (circa 5 miles away). If you ever have a stray peacock running around your property, the Arboretum is not that interested in retrieving it; they'll tell you not to feed him, and he'll come back on his own.

A rugby game at the Newport Pier? Yes, UC Irvine has a rugby team. Go figure.

Nico sitting in her old car. (A big thank you to my father for lending us a Miata from his collection.) I'm not sure why I was driving...probably because Nico got confused by the location of the steering wheel.

And here's my old, old friend Tak, and his much better half at Tommy's. I ate at Tommy's twice during the trip, and it was about as I remembered it. I only ate at In-N-Out once, and it was much better than I remembered.

A very poor photo just before we left for the airport. I never thought I would miss Whittier.

Thank you to all our friends (and family) who bought us beer, lunch, and/or dinner during our visit.

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