Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

View from our window this morning. Sorry it's a little out of focus...if anyone would like to send me a tripod that will support a rather heavy camera, I would be most grateful. This link tells me I'm looking at Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.

In other news, visitor #3 (or possibly #5, depending on how you count) has recently returned home. We miss you Nam. For some reason, my camera did not like focusing on you...but here you are with some of the locals.

Here you are amongst some local colour.

And here you near the top of the world.

Here's Nico amongst the giants.

It rained a whole lot, so I did not have the camera with me very often...but we did manage to see a few new sights, including the National Wildlife Centre.

They had this neat parrot thing that I cannot remember the name of.

And an almost sunset.

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Sarah said...

That bird is a kokako....