Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why I don't blog every day

[Because every post would look like this:]

It stopped raining, so I mowed the lawn. The lawn was really long because it had been raining all week. After I finished mowing the lawn, we took a walk to the Bluff Hill Lookout. When we first got to Napier, this was one of the first places we went; for some reason Nico had not been back since.

Here's Nico above the Port.

The Port is one of the few places in Napier that is open 24/7. Even on a Sunday night, you can watch timber being loaded onto giant ships. Apparently it goes to China, then we buy it back as furniture. [Note: I get told a lot to recycle paper to "save a tree". If you want to save a tree, stop sending all of them to China.]

Westshore and Ahuriri in the other direction.

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