Friday, February 08, 2013

So I think there are about three or four people who still read this blog, and the three or four people happen to not be on facebook. So let me offer my sincerest apologies to the three or four people who have patiently been waiting nearly six months for an update. First let me offer an excuse: Jancie took over my office, which forced me to move the desktop computer's a long walk. And call me old fashioned, but I find it uncomfortable to blog from a tablet.
And now an update: Some of you have been wondering what country we're living in these days. We are still in New Zealand. We spent last winter (summer in the northern hemisphere) in the US, but now we are back in New Zealand. I had to quit my job to get three months off, but ended up getting rehired 9with a promotion) when we returned. And another excuse: We've kind of fallen into a routine...not necessarily a boring routine, but a routine that doesn't lend itself to particularly blogging. I remember when I was ten I started keeping a journal. All my entries were like: "Went to school. Went over to my friend's house. Had dinner." I'd say my life has gotten a little less dull, but not enough to write a book about.
Anyway, I'll try to start posting weekly updates, and I'll try to make them interesting. The cruise ship is the most recent photo from the Pentax. It was taken from Bluff Hill, when the largest cruise ship to ever visit Napier was on its way out. A remarkably large crowd (for Napier) showed up to watch. And this must be what Janice looked like at the end of November.

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