Saturday, February 16, 2013

Deco III

Alternate title: When You're Big in Japan 

The Laskos ended up getting sick just in time for our third Art Deco Weekend in Napier...which kept us at home for most of the weekend. Fortunately, Jancie was feeling well enough to put in an appearance at the Gatsby Picnic today, where she proved to be extremely popular.

So anybody who's anybody brings a gazebo to the Gatsby Picnic. I was trying to remember what I would have called a gazebo prior to moving to New Zealand, but I cannot. A tent, maybe? Nicole had big plans for our gazebo this year, but it ended up looking pretty bare (we'll blame it on  our poorly timed illnesses). People who take the picnic seriously have gazebos that look like this one.

We did have a cool location next to the Tom Parker Fountain. However, we found ourselves unprotected when Adolf Hitler showed up.

And then something really weird happened. Swimming in this fountain is remarkably popular. I cannot really say why, as it's not like it ever gets uncomfortably hot in Napier. So then I start wondering: Does the city council keep this fountain extra clean since they must know that the public uses it like a swimming pool? Then I start thinking: This is New Zealand; Jancie's favourite playground has a zip line.

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