Saturday, December 21, 2013

Maui Dreaming

I just realized that our first trip to Hawaii predates our first digital camera. I was using a Pentax ME Super at the time and was never able to take particularly good photos with it; though after looking through the stack of prints, I was much better than was Nicole. I see that we liked living dangerously even before moving to New Zealand.

Speaking of living dangerously: There was this blowhole thing that shot water like a hundred feet into the air when a wave hit it right. This is as close as Nicole would get to it. Notice the expertise involved in setting up the photo. I then risked life and limb to get a little closer. Note: the effect of getting hit by a 100 foot wall of water is only slightly more pleasant than sitting in the front row of the Shamu Show at Sea World.

Nicole did manage to injure herself at the gentle Olivine Pools. The pools are very calm...except when suddenly they are not. Do not ever invade a country by sea with Nicole. A single wave will hit her, and she will be unable to move or speak. 

And finally: I had forgotten the Jeep was red. In my head, it was a boring beige colour. I first decided to move to Hawaii after returning the (only slightly) wrecked Jeep to the airport; all they said was, "Nobody wants that on their vacation." I kept expecting to receive a bill, but never did.

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