Saturday, April 06, 2019

Mystery Lizard

This gecko has been my Facebook profile picture off and on for the last 8 or 10 years. I took it somewhere on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2004 (during breakfast). These geckos kept coming over to the table, but didn’t eat anything I tried to feed them...which is surprising: my children call all green geckos “popsicle” because more than one fortunate lizard has followed them around waiting to lick up some delicious meltings. I’ve always wanted to return to this restaurant, but wondered if I’d be able to find it (and if it still exists).

Pretty Lady at the Greenwell Coffee Farm
Luckily, it’s a typically slow Saturday at work, so I was able to find my photos from this 2004 trip. I believe it was our first vacation with a digital camera...a relatively inexpensive Canon point and shoot, if memory serves. [Side note: either whatever preceded google photos had already been invented, or google has done a very good job of spying on me.]

My quick browse through the album turned up a photo of Nicole with a cup of coffee and what I’m guessing are coffee trees. And for some reason, I never forget a coffee farm or a winery.

Panned back a little.
From there, I searched for restaurants near the Greenwell Coffee Farm and discovered I’m not the only one taking pictures of geckos at breakfast. And it’s only 70 miles away.

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