Monday, October 23, 2023

Day 4 Murchison to Reefton

Distance travelled: 122 km
Time: 7 hours, 4 minutes
Travel modalities: Mostly bicycling, with a few steps of walking
Left Murchison at the crack of dawn as AccuWeather warned of a severe weather alert starting at 1 pm.
More cows than I remember.
Here's my bike before a bridge. Theres a climb coming up so this seemed like a good place for a break.
Climbing up a steep, gravel hill isn't all bad. It started drizzling a little here. Would have been pleasant if it wasn't so cold. After crossing some more fords, I realize I could die out here if it actually started pouring.
While the ride was mostly gravel, I notice it's the first day with sealed roads that aren't highways. I enjoy this though just long enough for the road to turn to gravel.
Neither of the two cafes along the way are open. Fortunatel, there's a petrol station amd they serve pies. It's the best thing I've ever eaten.
It starts raining a little garder on the final 8 km climb. A 35 km downhill follows so I stop at the top and put most of my winter gear on. It makes me even slower.

Relive video.

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