Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Day 5 Reefton to Greymouth

Distance: 77 km
Time: 3 hours 48 minutes
Travel modalities: bicycling

The forecast called for severe rain and thunderstorms today and tomorrow, with a possible window of not raining from late morning to early afternoon.
I sat in a cafe for an hour waiting for the cold drizzle to stop. Locals recommended I stay in Reefton another day or two.
Most of my photos are taken while I'm stopped to either put on waterproof gear or take it off.  Here's a rare moment where I take a shot while riding. 
If you can read the chalkboard, you'll know this has been the story of my trip so far. There's supposed to be another cafe at the Former Blackpool Hilton, but the GPS does not route me to turn into Blackpool (which looks uphill, so I'm not entirely upset). Still, I'm curious if the Former Blackpool Hilton was once actually a Hilton or it's just quirky Kiwi marketing.
My first glimpse of Greymouth. I stopped to take all the rain gear off in the hopes that I'd be slightly less sweaty when I returned to civilization. The freezing cold headwind made me regret this decision for the last two kilometers.
I've been to Greymouth at least twice before, but I don't think I've ever seen the sun. Forecast looks equally bad tomorrow and the old body thinks it's overdue for a break.

Relive video.

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