Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Day off in Hawke's Bay

I meet my oldest Kiwi friends, Norm and Vee (actually oldest Kiwi friend, Norm is American, but both are the first people we met on our first trip to New Zealand) in Havelock North for coffee. I again forget to take any pictures. I head over to Arataki Honey because everyone at home wants New Zealand honey. I again forget to take any pictures.
Havelock is buzzing. This must be a cruise ship excursion destination. Americans everywhere. I walk around looking for what used to be Jackson's Bakery. Vee, an accomplished chef, has warned me Jackson's was never very good. The tops are too flaky. I order a pie (and a cronut. Quit judging me, I was coerced.) and remember the coffee at Bay Espresso next door is better. The pie would have been great if I had not already been to the Queenstown Bakery. It is still good, though I now can't stop thinking about the too flaky top. I people watch. Hawke's Bay cafes are not Paris, but it's still a nice place to sit.I continue my search for a cycling jersey and find this one in an XXXL.
I meet old work friends for a pint at Hasting's best brewery, which is far more upscale than I remember.
I take a walk around Napier and contemplate whether or not I deserve another flat white, or perhaps ice cream.

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