Tuesday, November 07, 2023

The long road home

I was going to meet friends at the Hawke's Bay Farmers' Market and then more friends in Auckland, but by Sunday morning, there is no denying that I have finally caught a southern hemisphere cold. I am hopelessly sick. I cancel all plans and load the rented tank with my bike and luggage.
I am struggling to stay awake on the windy drive to Taupo and elect to take a nap in the Huka Falls parking lot.
I stop again somewhere past Hamilton, where two horses are walking through town. I'm hours early for my flight. It's so much easier to sleep while driving than when stopped.
I had wanted to visit the Auckland Costco, but it's not particularly close to the airport, so I drive to the Sylvia Park Mall. It's probably not that big compared to a Mainland mall, but it's loud and crowded and I am overwhelmed. I have dinner at an In-N-Out knock off, which isn't at all terrible.
I have my own row on the next two flights, which makes trying to act not sick a little easier.

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