Saturday, February 04, 2006

And I do not believe in snow...

Other titles making the short list for consideration:
"How I spent my winter"
and "They have Starbucks up here?"

Nico and I took a trip up to the Pacific Northwest, as I had been promising a friend (who used to live in Portland) that I would visit him for the last 3 or 4 years. He recently moved to Seattle, so (aside from the blistering cold that these people call Winter) it seemed like a good time for a vacation.

Although I do not much care for heights or overly touristy attractions, the Space Needle was slightly cooler than you would imagine. Here's a couple of pictures I took with our cheap camera (for the second one, I used a 4 second exposure time, and a table as a brace):
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Other touristy things we did in Seattle included a vistit to the Pike Place Fish Market. If you have ever worked a customer service job, you have probably seen one of their know, with all the fish projectiles. It was not terribly busy when we stopped by, so there was very little fish throwing. Here's me in a rare picture with glasses. Two things I have concluded: 1) I am going to stop wearing glasses, and 2) Nico is not the skilled photographer that I am.
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Speaking of touristy, what could be more touristy than the very first Starbucks? Image Hosted by We did not buy any coffee, as I am still boycotting Starbucks. If you would like to join me as part owner of Diedrich Coffee, now is your chance. You can currently buy a share of stock for about the same price as a cup of coffee.

Too many pictures already, and "Oh My God, I've just stepped in the Gum Wall!"
Image Hosted by There was a cool song Gum Wall song. It went something like "Gum Wall, Gum Wall, Gum Wall..."

Briefly, we took side trips to Vancouver and Walla Walla; the picture is of me learning how to ice skate backwards atop Grouse Mountain. I thought I was getting good at it, until I realized that I could only do it in one direction (downhill). Image Hosted by

I can't believe I have no pictures of all the snow I had to drive through to get back to Seattle from Walla Walla. They closed the interstate down due to an avalanch, and we nearly missed our flight. Here's the Marcus Whitman, the most luxurious hotel in all of Walla Walla.
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