Monday, September 18, 2006

You hit like a girl.

So I'm finishing off an exquisite burrito (worth a diversion to the coast if you happen to be driving to/from NoCal), and Nico checks her voicemail, then starts repeating some numbers over and over again. So I start in with the Pinball Number Count...did anybody else know that was the Pointer Sisters? Does anybody else think the Pointer Sisters look pretty good for eighty?

Where was I? Wham!!! Nicole hit me on what must be a very soft spot of my head. Nicole is mean, and I still have a headache 20 hours later. For future interactions with Nicole, I will be wearing a helmet. I was thinking either a Jack Nicholson Football Helmet...
Image Hosted by
...or a Natalie Portman Rugby helmet.
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Takealotofdrugs movie trivia...1/16th to the first person who can:
1) name the two movies the above pictures are from
2) tell me what 1/16th is
3) tell me what movie the 1/16th is from
(Kwon, you should know this but you won't...Nico, you should not know this, but you just might).

Back to my head injury, evidently a sister is in the hospital. I have no more details to share because, 1) I sort of blacked out after the blow to the head, and 2) Nicole was not sharing any details, as she was kind of mad over the whole Pinball Count thing. I see Tricia has survived bungee jumping; no word from Jenny in a month. Tricia, Jenny: If you are reading this, please let us know you are alive and well. Back to work.


Anonymous said...

1) Easy Riders 2) Garden State... does 1/16th have something to do with cannibis? And how long is the email blockade going to last?

Michael Lasko said...

Am I blocking your emails? I was wondering why it's been so quiet. And no, nothing to do with cannabis. Why, what do you know about cannabis?

Anonymous said...

Half Eighth (Half E) -- 1/16 of an ounce or 1.7 (1.8 if hooked up) grams of cannabis

Dime -- a 10 dollar bag of marijuana, or less commonly, 1/16th of an ounce

Michael Lasko said...

Still not cannabis, though you're pretty smart for a (non-street) pharmacist. Have a movie title for me?

Anonymous said...

The Aviator? And if that's true, this means you will be giving me 1/16th of your fortune. I'll make you a PB&J sandwich when that happens.

Michael Lasko said...

No, not the Aviator. I already told you, you will not know this one. Is there nobody else reading today?

Anonymous said...

There was a character named 1/16th in a movie I saw awhile ago called "Bamboozled" but I don't think you can give me him...btw, we can do all of this on email.

Michael Lasko said...

You are still banned. Not to worry, nobody is using this particular space.

Michael Lasko said...

Okay, the contest is over: 1/16th is 1/16th of a grain (4 mg) of Dilaudid, Matt Dillon's drug of choice Drugstore Cowboy.

While a student I was working at this Osco Drug in the proud state of Indiana. We had a lot of junkies in Indiana; while waiting for a prescription, one kept saying: "I hear it's required for you to watch It's a Wonderful Life in pharmacy school"...obviously referring to the drunk pharmacist who accidently fills a prescription with poison. I'm not sure what the moral is...don't drink and fill prescriptions? Maybe: keep the poison under the sink? Anyway, I eventually replied with: "They make us watch Drugstore Cowboy"...referring mostly to the scene where a young Heather Graham
fakes a seizure to get the pharmacist to leave the pharmacy...while Matt Dillon steals the drugs. Moral: Never leave the pharmacy.

Sorry, there was no winner…only a long series of questions that made me give up the answer.

Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

I knew the movies, but not the 1/16th. I should have guessed Drugstore Cowboy.

And apparantly false alarm on the hospital thing. Long story. My grandmother is in the hospital, which I already knew.

I feel very bad about the headbanging, and am trying to make it up through gourmet treats.