Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The trouble Tate has gotten me into.

Today's post over at stokefire was rather topical. Does J-Sicky fit under "names that don't translate well", or should there be another category: "names that might possibly not transliterate well from another language"? Here's an interesting article from snopes about my former employer.

Tate, do I still owe you $8000? I thought up J-Sickle on my own.

Here is today's retraction:

My apologies to anybody who may have been offended by yesterday’s proposed nickname for our very own Jessica Kwon. As most of you are aware, I speak very little Korean, so hopefully everyone understood that my intent was not to offend anybody.

As an alternative, we were going to go with “J-Sickle” (still a derivation of Jes-sica), but I quickly realized this name may be offensive to residents of the former Soviet Union.

For now, I will be sticking with “ICE” (also a derivation of Jess-ica). The name is ironic, in that Jessica has such a warm personality…and as is not at all icy. Everybody: please try it out today.

A quick response from my new second favorite Korean Pharmacist:


J-Sicky does not mean anything.
It’s not the proper pronunciation anyways.
My Korean’s so good I was going to major in it. Haha.
It wasn’t offensive to me.


Anonymous said...

Your favorite pharmacist #2 is constantly getting in trouble over her pronunciation and communication issues over the phone. You are going by her pronunciation expertise?!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Jessica, but you'll probably never get rid of J-Sicky. Michael is like a dog with a bone when it comes to nicknames. #1

Anonymous said...

Hi My Darling Clementine! I have a symbol for my new nickname which is kinda cool! I am now the pharmacist known as:
"" Yay!

Anonymous said...

Much better than a song. I trust Michael has shared with you all the verses of that dreadful song. Funny, most people only know the one chorus. He was most pleased to enlighten everyone in our residency. #1

Anonymous said...

Indeed he did. Lovely song, love the last stanza the most:

"How I missed her, how I missed her,
How I missed my Clementine,
Til I kissed her little sister,
And forgot my Clementine."

Dreadful sorry, My Darling Clementine!