Friday, October 13, 2006

Why not run a marathon?

The Long Beach Marathon is this weekend, and I was really planning on running it.


1) I am nowhere near my planned goal of 3:30...I would guess that I am just under 4 hours (again). That may sound impressive to some of you non-marathon runners, but it's kind of embarrassing when my friends' 60 year old parents are faster than me.

2) It might rain on Sunday; and even if it doesn't, the ground will be wet from Saturday.

3) Nobody is available to teach my sailing class, and unless I win the marathon, I will not be done in time.

4) I suffered a horrible head injury while following ICE (heretofore Snake Woman) out of our Spanish Class yesterday. Ice es antipatica y muy baja. I should have remembered how short she was, when she made it easily under the television that hangs near the door. Being of above average height, I was not so lucky. ICE found my misfortune to be very funny, and allowed me to drive home with a bleeding head wound. I shall never again complain when Nico hits me in the head.


Anonymous said...

I must defend myself:
1) Why can't you see in front of yourself and notice a TV hanging?
2) I laughed (not hysterically) to diffuse the potentially embarrassing situation, and make it lighthearted.
3) I asked you to crouch so I can assess to see if you were profusely bleeding. You refused. Also, no blood was flowing out at the time we went in the cars. I asked several times if you were okay to drive home and you replied yes.

Also, I would like to state for the record, I called to let you know I had no time to go home to make sandwiches, but I could pick you up something at Corner Bakery. You refused. My conscience is clear.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you're gonna swing by OBX for the race there?

Michael Lasko said...

ICE: You are a strange, strange man. Everyone who has read of your escapades knows that you are completely oblivious to potentially embarrasing situations. Would you laugh at a gunshot victim?

Tate: I think I'm really going to be training pharmacists in November. I guess I'll shoot for the OC Marathon in January. Come and visit us this winter. Bring the bike, and you can rabbit for me. I bet I would have the only tandem rabbit.

Michael Lasko said...

Hey Tate, can you provide me with your professional opinion of Jessica's new nickname?

She was not a fan of Snake Woman, which I found to be a very fitting name.

ICE is pretty close to perfect (because she's kind of mean, and laughs when people get injured). I also think she would sell more hip-hop albums with a name like ICE.

Jessica would like to be called Skippy (which is far too WASPy for her) because she likes skipping.

Anonymous said...

Michael calls me Skippy in Spanish, but refuses during work hours. This is strange, as our work-setting is much more WASPY and being called ICE in our community college Spanish class would likely benefit me.

Oh BTW, Tate--while you are considering my name--please note: I am not a male. I'm sure you realize this, but I'd like a female name.

I do like to skip. I can skip in a cute and consistent fashion, and also do the Wizard of Oz skip with a little heel kick in the middle.

Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

Isn't Skippy usually a male name?

Anonymous said...

The Laskos are making me very sad this week. Good day.

Anonymous said...

ICE vs Skippy?

Well... if you use Ice you need to have an adjective before it. Vanilla is taken, but other than that you can go crazy.

Skippy? That's too obvious... go for "PB" or Peanut. The smart ones will get it. Or maybe even Double Dutch... or just Dutch. But unless you want to fight guys off with sticks I'd stay away from Double-D.

So... exactly who do I send the bill to? Last two times I sent them to Mike and it seemed to have gotten lost in the mail. Maybe I'll send COD this time...

Michael Lasko said...

What is your firm's policy on refunds? I am completely unsatisfied with these names.

Anonymous said...

How about various forms of Bunny? Cranky Bunny, Funny Bunny, Peanut Butter Bunny, Skippy Bunny. Bunny is cute and friendly. I'd like to have cute and friendly associated with me.

Anonymous said...

Refunds require advance payment, Michael.

And Bunny? Hef would be proud.

Or... you could do what Sean Combs did and go by J-sicky. Or just Sicky. Being that you're in pharma (I think) it is quite appropriate... right?

And I'm betting that sicky is a name Michael could get behind.

Or you could combine P-Diddy and Jack Nicholson and be Sick-O.

Though this probably isn't the cute and friendly name you're going for. I'm beginning to think that I should leave people-naming to the rappers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tate. This is a very bad name in Korean. Although I'm pretty sure you have no idea what it means. However, being Korean, I must protest. I assure you, I was born within the bounds of holy matrimony?

Anonymous said...

Ugh..that's supposed to be a period. As in "I swear I was born within the bounds of holy matrimony".

Michael Lasko said...

That question mark after matrimony is making us wonder.

I have it on pretty good authority that "sicky" in Korean means "jealous". That's the definition we'll be going with.

Anonymous said...

You now seem to just be making things up to fit your purpose. This is no good. Jealous in Korean sounds something like "jil tu". You can make up a name incorporating that I guess.