Tuesday, January 02, 2007

If I did it.

There have been complaints that part of my last post was not terribly clear: I suppose I should just write that I came out ahead on the weekend...because I did not run into any coworkers and/or friends in Vegas that were bad luck at the craps table, causing me to finish the trip a few dollars above even.

I would like to correct that paragraph to read: "If I did run into any coworkers and/or friends in Vegas, they would have been bad luck at the craps table, causing me to finish the trip a few dollars above even."

With those updates aside, Happy New Year everybody. Effective January 1st (or was it December 30), these new rules are to be enforced here at the old RxSolutions. Here's to assuming that these policies were written for the low level phone operators, and that those of us with 8+ years of education will still be allowed to do cross word puzzles at our desks. Just in case, I thought I'd bring in my carnivorous garden, a Christmas present from Jenny, as carnivorous plants do not appear to be specifically prohibited by the new rules. However, I do not recall ever seeing a fly here in cubicle hell. Does anybody know if venus fly traps need insects to survive, or do they hunt just for fun? I would check myself, but I am trying to limit the web surfing at work...

The other one was the only person to buy me anything off of my amazon wish list (please notice that some of the items have been up there for over 3 years). If I did learn how to convert the soundtrack of a dvd to an audio cd, I would be playing this cool Pixies DVD in my car right now. Unfortunately, I would not have fully mastered the procedure yet, and the entire DVD would be one long (102 minute) track.

Back to work.


Anonymous said...

From the mouth of a horsey (not our horsey): "Those emails should not scare people. They are not monitoring pharmacists for crying outloud. Your degrees get you immunity from such things" --BIBSEY

I always wanted immunity. I claim immunity!

Anonymous said...

Stokefire has only one rule for 2007: If one person eats beans for lunch then everyone eats beans for lunch. Failure to follow this rule will lead to the offender working the remainder of the day in the hallway.

All that stuff about surfing and reading... that's part of our jobs.