Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And you say there's never anything good on television...

I had a bunch of cool alternate titles like:

"Narcissism personified" (that's a play on a Dramarama song, that none of you will get)

"Come see the sun in Indiana" (that one is only funny if you can see the breath coming out of my mouth, which is no longer terribly visible on the 10 year old videotape...also, Tate gets mad when I insult the state of Indiana; it's bad for business, or something)

"As you can see, my fifteen minutes were up a long time ago" (more sad than funny)

"Hoosier? Did that guy just call me a Hoosier? What the hell is a Hoosier?"

I just bought this DVD recorder, and I am slowly learning how to use it. The HDMI upconversion has a habit of making people (in non 16x9 formats) look short and fat, though it seems youtube stretches in the other direction to create a thin/natural appearing Michael.

Among the many neat features of the DMR ES-25: 1.3x playback. Skip the commercials, and you can watch an hour of television in about a half hour. Does the fact that I might want to do this say something about me or the sad state of television? At 1.3x normal speed, some movements appear a little jerky. The sound is automatically lowered (by 30%?), so nobody sounds like a chipmunk, but the sped up delivery does make everything sound a little an old talkie, perhaps.


tricia said...

Wow... you are soooooo cool...

Unknown said...

You are the man.

I'm diggin' your jacket. Nothing like wide leather collars and metal studs.

As Michael Jackson would say, "Hoooo! Shamon!"

Unknown said...

That's like when I give up eating whale meat for Lent...Cheers, -MisAdventure/Spinnaker Kelly

PS After a long hiatus, I might be wanting to sail again...hmmmm