Monday, January 15, 2007

Some rare events.

There are not too many of us red headed Jews in the world. My father was bothered by this fact, and responded very harshly once to a Messianic "Jew" who told him I looked like a shegitz. It was a week before my bar-mitzvah, and we were at a sukkot party...after typing those last two sentences, I am left with 3 thoughts:

1) I am quite Jewish
2) Yiddish is mighty cool
3) That may very well have been the last time I was in a sukkot

I was thinking about these things when I realized that Don Leff has no web presence...just one of the pitfalls of dying before Al Gore invented the internet.

Back to those rare events; here are some things you might not see anywhere else:

Two red headed Jews climbing up the side of a building. What are we doing up there? Who are those girls in the window? I can no longer remember. A better reason: why are there bars on the windows?

And even more rare...never before seen on the internet:

Two red headed Jews in front of the Dead Sea Scrolls. You will not find too many pictures of anybody in front of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as photography is prohibited. If memory serves, 3 or 4 people took this picture; security confiscated the film from 2 or 3 of them...leaving one surviving picture. Perhaps it's easier to get a picture out of the place with a digital camera...


Anonymous said...

So you spent your sojourn to the Holy Land by trespassing in all sorts of manner?

Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

Well, he was, like, 15. From what I've heard of this trip, these were the more innocent pursuits. Sounded like too much fun.