Thursday, February 08, 2007

What killed Anna Nicole?

Bad karma, I'm sure...

But I'm also sure that anybody who works in a building with 90+ pharmacists would start a similar pool.

$1 to enter; money must be on my desk prior to any leaks from a coroner's report appearing anywhere in the media/on the web.

My pick: combination opioid (probably methadone) and amphetamine overdose. I'm not really sure what Trimspa is (and their website is down), but let's throw that into the cocktail also. I wonder what the vegas odds are on a methadone, amphetamine, Trimspa trifecta.

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Josh said...

I definitely agree that bad karma played a huge role in her death. The conspiracist in me wants to believe it was not an accident, but I'm a more of a gambler than I am a conspiracist. My predicted cocktail will consist of the following:
1) Amphetamine (this is a given based on her weight fluctuation)
2) Methadone
3) A bunch of 1 or more benzodiazepine(s)
4) A handful of the hynotic of her choice (afterall, she did think she was Marilyn Monroe)