Friday, February 16, 2007

Everything you love about Vegas...

Picture a generic (non-themed) Vegas Casino. Take away any glamorous tourists (replace with sleazy locals from the 909; take away the hot cocktail waitresses (replace with sleazy locals from the 909) and their free drinks; take away the dice at the craps table (replace with playing cards numbered Ace through 6); and take away all that cigarette smoke...

Wait a second, Casino Morongo was full of cigarette smoke. I'm not really sure how smoking is possible indoors in our Proud State of California...must have something to do with Tribal Law trumping state statutes. So why the hell are there no dice at the craps table?

Of course, nothing seemed to be bothering my very favorite Korean Pharmacist, a self proclaimed gambling addict, as she hammered away at the black jack tables. After 3 hours, I dragged her away...she was not happy and complained the whole way home. Telling her: "You were up $300, you never would have left with that money had you stayed another 2 hours," did nothing to placate her.

My date shake at Hadley's (next door) was the highlight of my day. A true slice of Americana...the little restaurant in the front is plastered with head shots of the various celebrities that have stopped at the place (it used to be the last sign of civilization before Palm Springs). Most notable: 3 (randomly placed) signed photos of Kevin Nealon: young Kevin Nealon (SNL, or maybe pre-SNL), middle aged Kevin Nealon (not sure what he was doing for the last 20 years), and old Kevin Nealon (Weeds era).

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Unknown said...

It was only 2.5 hours! To have driven that far and leave in 2.5 hours, well, it just seems ridiculous. Besides, it was highly possible that I could have left with another $300 if we stayed another 2 hours. Didn't think you were paying attention to the signed photos at Hadley's. Now that place was a dive! Moronogo wasn't that bad. Don't let Michael put you off!