Friday, January 25, 2008

I don't know if it's worth $2900, but it's pretty #@!%&* good.

If I want to increase site traffic, I should probably have some tags in here about Screaming Eagle, and how this probably is not a very good year for Screaming Eagle...if it were a good year, they would be charging a lot of money, or something. I suppose it could be a good Screaming Eagle vintage and a very bad cheeseburger. That does not sound good at all. I am pretty sure that I would enjoy a good cheeseburger and a bad bottle of Screaming Eagle more than a good bottle of Screaming Eagle and a bad cheeseburger. Do I have to eat the cheeseburger if it's bad?

Anyway, cheeseburgers and expensive wine are my favorite food...Nico, can we go to the Crow Bar?

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