Monday, January 21, 2008

Newport Beach Restaurant Week II

Sunday (Last Night): Beachcomber Cafe. In spite of its location, this restaurant is surprisingly least for dinner in January. Food is decent, atmosphere (complete with blankets to counteract those cold ocean breezes) cannot be beat. I already reviewed the place, sort of.

Monday: Blue Coral. The Blue Coral menu was scaring me a little (crab on a steak?), so we went to Palm Terrace (inside the Island [formerly the Four Seasons] Hotel). Macaroni and cheese at expensive restaurants is much better than macaroni and cheese from a box.

Tuesday: Roy's. Is Roy's ever disappointing?

Wednesday: Fleming's Trivia: Fleming is the "F" in "PF Chang's." More Trivia: In Chino, they don't even have a PF Chang's.
Flemings was replaced at the last minute by Rothschild's. We ate in their wine cellar (that giant table in the picture was broken up into several smaller tables). Our waiter, an opera singer (is that aspiring opera singer if you're working as a waiter?), ended the evening by serenading the room with Sinatra.

Thursday: Bayside (My favorite restaurant in Newport).

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