Friday, January 11, 2008

Soon January will be over, and I will be able to blog again.

If you are wondering why I cannot blog in January, it has to do with the brilliant Medicare prescription drug coverage, that only Congress could have put together. Medicare prescription drug coverage encourages our nation's elderly to not take their medications in November and December, resulting in a mad rush for drugs in January.

But I digress. I started writing this post because my online bank just asked for the name of my first girlfriend (as an added security measure after I had entered my password). I had opened this account 7 years ago, and could no longer remember what name I had input...actually, I cannot even recollect giving them my first girlfriend's name, so the possibility exists that someone at the aforementioned online bank just happens to know me extremely well.

Fortunately, after a few attempts, I reached all the way back to nursery school and called up the name of my first true mother probably has a better memory of my first true love than I do. Mom, please do not hack into my bank records. All I remember is her name, and her cat that scratched me once. To this day, I dislike cats. Or was it a piece of furniture that scratched me, that I just claimed was the cat? Either way, I dislike cats. I have no strong opinions about furniture.

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