Friday, April 11, 2008

At least I don't have to train for a marathon...

3 weeks to get ready for our 100 mile tandem ride, and Nico has not been on a bicycle since Christmas. (The 25 or 30 miles I have ridden in the last few months is not worth bragging about, either).

Here are my mileage totals:
Wednesday: 20 miles (with hills)
Thursday: 15 miles + 24 miles on tandem (we'll give Nico 24 miles, though I don't think she was pedaling for most of the ride).


Anonymous said...

Dude, this link:
says, "Photos from Mike, one of our supporters," is that you?!

Michael Lasko said...

1) Who is this, and why did I turn anonymous comment posting on?

2) No, never heard of them.

3) Don't call me Dude; I'm the big Laskowski.

Unknown said...

Anonymous: Don't believe the Dude... I have it on good authority that he hasn't put any of his kids under the knife yet, so I'm thinkin' there's a good chance you've uncovered the truth.

Come clean, Dude. We know you bowl. You drive around. You have the occasional acid flashback. Circumcision just fits the pattern.