Friday, April 25, 2008

Protest against $4/gallon gas

(Alternative title was: I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars). I am surprised to learn that song is not Cake, but merely a Cake ripoff.

I have been telling myself for a few months that I would start bicycling to work as soon as gas hit $4/gallon. I had held off for the last couple of fill ups by going to Arco, but my mileage is considerably crappier with Arco gas than any other major brand (with the possible exception of Valero), so I decided to spring for the $4.089/gallon at Shell (premium). That is the last time I am spending $60 to fill my pseudo-economy (maybe I could have done without the turbo charger?) car.

Note to Nico: We will be bicycling up to Napa next weekend.

Reader Poll: Am I underdressed for a meeting with the vice president?

Nostalgic cycling story: I used to bicycle to school with my hands in my pockets; I'm sure I fell over a lot, but I do not recall ever crashing with my hands in my pockets. Today, my balance must be much worse, as riding with no hands has become exceedingly difficult (especially when the person sitting behind you is yelling at you to stop swerving).


Unknown said...

I've noticed the same thing about swerving. On a single bike I used to be rock solid and all over the place on the tandem. Now, after a few years as captain I'm steady on the twofer and my single is like a freakin' Bronco. I think I rode about 3 miles today before I had the courage to drink while moving.

I remember thinking, "how strange... when you move your hands just a little bit the bike actually turns!"

Michael Lasko said...

Any one else think pegged jeans will be coming back in style?

Hey, thanks again for the shirt.