Monday, April 21, 2008

It's April 21st, and everybody says today is Earth Day...

I must admit, I also thought this song was "Green"...I guess it's anti-environmentalist, and not anti-environment. That's sort of green.

…“What Are We Gonna Do?” parodied late–period Beatles pop to cynically skewer the bumper-sticker mentality of all-too-many armchair environmentalists. “I still don’t think people get it,” notes [frontman] John Easdale. “Environmental people listen to it and think, “Wow, this guy is really ‘Green’!” It disturbs me to think that there really are people who believe that they’re ‘spokesperson for a generation.’”

Easdale recalls the song’s genesis: “We played at the festival celebrating the 20th anniversary of Earth Day. Forget about the last 19 that nobody celebrated; ‘It’s the 20th anniversary, let’s have a party!’ And they did, at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Linda Gray from Dallas is in our trailer smoking cigarettes and drinking beers, and there’s a quarter of a fucking million people in front of us! When everyone left, we looked at all the garbage left behind and wondered just what we were celebrating.”

Wondering why John Easdale used April 21st, instead of April 22nd...I had thought Earth Day was always celebrated on a Sunday, but it appears I was incorrect about that, as well. 4/21/1990 was a Saturday; that sounds like a good day for a party in Golden Gate Park. I suppose you cannot expect anti-environmentalists to know when Earth Day is.

Side Note: Anybody catch the Dramarama Bands Reunited? You may have noticed: John Easdale and my mother are may have also noticed that Jodn Easdales house is crappier than my mother's.

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