Sunday, December 07, 2008

Low budget tri bike

(Alternative title was: "Because everybody loves a big blue penis." But then I thought: "Nobody loves a big blue fact, the only thing worse than a big blue penis is two big blue penises.")

Since the doc ordered me to cut out the running, I have switched to bicycling. Unfortunately, a couple of years of hanging in the garage caused my tires to deteriorate. Fortunately, I love buying bicycle parts...

I started off with these cool blue tires. They are super fast...I might try them on the tandem. And all that blue got me thinking: "I need some new handlebar tape..." Then the new handlebar tape got me thinking: "I need new handlebars..."

After 60 miles of riding with the clip-on aero bars here's my review:

1) I'm much faster
2) I look cool (or at least as cool as one can look riding a Schwinn)

1) The bars are adjustable in like 16 will take me 6 months to get them set right
2) In order to get them setup comfortably, they cover just about everywhere I might want to put my hands on the drop bars
3) The brakes are really far away
4) My scapula hurts

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