Friday, March 05, 2010

Flat white count currently at six.

I had been averaging a flat white a day until I started work. As is customary in NZ, my employer supplies tea (and coffee)...the coffee appears to be of the instant variety, though some prepare it by running it through a french press, so it may well not be instant. At any rate, I had switched to tea, as that seemed like the proper thing to be drinking during tea time. I've been drinking a whole lot of tea. A cup before work (if I get there early enough), a cup at tea time, a cup at lunch, a cup at tea time #2., a cup with Nico after work if she's making it...

As those of you who know me are probably aware, I am a bit of a coffee connoisseur. And although I like drinking tea, I know very little about it. I assumed the tea provided at work was not of a particularly high quality; today my Irish colleague (who drinks more team than do I) remarked that the tea here is shit (or do the Irish say shite?). At some point in the future, I'll have to do a post on Kiwi obscenities (or lack thereof, as “shit” does not seem to be one). This started a discussion about Nico's obsession with purchasing an electric kettle...but I'll save that for another post, as well.

Enough digressions, I suppose. I started typing about coffee because I am now in a coffee pool. I have a standing order for a (discounted) flat white to be delivered every Friday morning. I made the mistake of ordering a large today which very likely had four shots of espresso in it. Hopefully this explains why today's entry has become so long and boring. I think I have also joined a weekly lottery pool, but I was in a caffeine daze, so I'm not really sure what I agreed to..

Sorry if my entries become a little less frequent for the next week. We've moved to temporary residence #2. I had called it a bach's more like a bed and breakfast (only without the breakfast)...just in a little neighborhood a short stroll from the Napier CBD. There are chickens just behind our bedroom. Very Kiwi.

Must end this post now. We've been invited to a barbecue. We're supposed to bring whatever we want to drink and something for the barbie. Nicole and I are in disagreement about what this means.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Congrats on your move. Looks like it went fast. Sorry to be off-topic, but wondering if you can help me figure out prescription drug prices in NZ (discussion at EmigrateNZ under name SueDonim). I can't find them on-line and am having trouble with INZ's MA on cost of meds I take. Need to demonstrate cost to public health would not be anywhere near what they think. Thanks very much.