Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Afternoon walk around the Tainui Reserve

Please seek out Nico's blog for a differential diagnosis of Parks, Domains and Reserves in the NZ. Nico does not get a link some of you may recall, the requirements for a link to your site (from are ALL of the following:

1) You must apply in writing

and ONE of the following

2) You must have updated your blog with at least one semi-interesting post in each of the last 3 months


3) You must be deployed on active duty in the military branch of your choice

[For those of you who do not work at Prescription Solutions, this is a sort of funny Prior Authorizations joke. Of course, if you have to explain a joke...]

We live over at this's more of a park over here.

And just a short hike into the reserve, and things start looking foresty.

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camelland said...

what is N's blog address? i'll bookmark it so i can catch it every few months :-)