Saturday, March 20, 2010

More weekend fun

Alternative title: Before pictures

It might take a year, but I'm attempting to revive our garden. I'm allowing myself to buy equipment that we can take with us (eg: a lawn mover), but no consumables (like grass seed)...unless they are very cheap or absolute necessities.

Most of the lawn that is growing are (sic?) weeds, but I figure that if I water them at least it will be green...cut short, it might look like grass. Not sure what I'll do with the open patches of dirt. Speaking of water, I am really wishing I had brought my $8 Wal-Mart hose. New Zealand is 50 years behind the US in hose technology; fortunately, the previous tenant left a couple, so I don't need to shell out $30 for a narrow rubber tube...that's right, just a tube. You need to purchase additional hardware to attach your tube to anything else...I am guessing that these attachments will not stay on if you turn the pressure above a trickle.

Not sure what kind of trees are in the wine barrels. I'm going to plant peppers in the empty one, and there's a dying tomato plant in another.

A little raking of the zen garden, and my chi should be restored.

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