Friday, December 24, 2010

Something a little brighter

First things first: These are limes. They came from a coworkers farm...there are a whole bunch, and we already ate/drank 20 of them. They are a little past there prime, so we're in a hurry to finish the rest of them off. If you drink a lot of margaritas, it is easy to go through a whole bunch of limes. I know the limes look orange, but trust me...they are limes. I ate one thinking it was an orange. They look orange, because we are in the southern hemisphere, and the earth refracts colours differently down here. They are not oranges.

Up next, Maraetotara Falls. It was on the way to the beach, so stopping at a waterfall sounded like fun. I am confident that those girls had help carrying the kayaks to the little lagoon.

Here's a Kiwi doing what Kiwi's do.

Apparently, everyone else had the same idea as me. Our quick stop at the waterfall was the first time I have felt crowded in New Zealand.

But a short walk down stream, and we were alone.

Onward to Waimarama Beach. XMAS Day is like the 4th of July for beaches in NZ. Here's a crowd shot.

Christmas Dinner.

Nicole with a glass of wine.

Nicole's feet in the water that was clear enough to drink. (Her feet are under about a foot of water.)

And a picture I shot from the water.

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