Monday, December 13, 2010

Stories my mother told me

My mother loved having a bright house; she loved having a bright house so much, that there are no curtains in her bright house. I must have lived here for a summer or two during college, and not being one to wake up with the sun, I taped aluminum foil to the windows. She did not care for this look, and bought a couple of removable/expandable curtain rods...from which I hung beach towels.

Whenever I'd complain about the brightness or lack of privacy, she'd tell me about some great-aunt with diabetes, who due to complications (from diabetes) was in a wheel chair and blind. As a child, my mother had hated visiting this aunt, as all she seemed to do was sit in the dark all day.

Everyone who has walked into her house in the last week has commented on how bright it is...Nicole and I had been thinking it looked darker than we remembered, probably because 1) our NZ house is pretty bright and opening/closing Kiwi curtains is a lot of work 2) it's summer in NZ.

This wasn't a very good story, was it? I'll try harder next time.

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