Saturday, March 05, 2011

2 more days in the City

We seem to be getting pulled over to Auckland more often than I would prefer...but as long as we were there, we decided to do some exploring of the perimeter.

Rangitoto Island is Auckland's newest volcano.

Much of it is now green, but there is plenty of bare lava left. (In New Zealand, they have 100 words for lava...)

There are some lava tubes that make Hawaii's look safe. I thought I had a blog entry about Hawaii's lava tubes, and how we were trapped with a dead torch [flashlight for you Yanks] in a completely dark cave, but I can find no such entry. Anyway, the same sort of thing happened on Rangitoto, except we had no torch at the start, and didn't realize we were in total darkness until we were halfway through. I also didn't start thinking "I really hope there's not an earthquake" until we were halfway through.

The pictures from the little Sony do not do the view justice.

Not having had enough of islands, we took a little drive and then a little walk to Motukaraka Island.

Note: Only attempt walking to Motukaraka at low tide.
Note 2: Only attempt walking to Motukaraka from the Beachlands Marina (and not the boating club). Nicole will be unhappy if you make her walk through the mud rather than the sandbar (on the marina side).

A little later in the day, and it's a real island.

A stop off in Taupo on the way home (where I was supposed to pick up a sail boat) finds a former intern making her first takealotofdrugs appearance. Thanks for the coffee, Cloudy.

PS: Does anyone know the difference between a loo and Superloo?

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