Sunday, July 30, 2006

Finally put the bike back together, and did a run to Dana Point and back (40 miles round trip). It's still hot out there, and if we had not had all the heat training in Europe, I am certain we would have stayed home.

Been trying to decide what I miss most about Europe. Here's what I have so far:

1) Raclette...there's a wiki for everything.
2) Fondue..absolutely everything.
3) Cars that don't honk everytime they pass a bicyle.

Can't do anything about #3...aside from arming Nico, so I just bought a raclette grill. I was going to buy a fondue set also, but I cannot decide between electric and some weird gel fuel. Electric seems much easier, but also seems somehow wrong. Anybody have a fondue opinion? First 6 people to respond will be invited over for fondue.


Anonymous said...

We like fondue! We'll be sitting by the mailbox waiting for our invite and plane tix.

As for raclette... you're gonna be in my weight-class before long.

Cheese rules!

Anonymous said...

I like to fondue! Or as we like to call it (by we, I mean me): FUN-DO! Catchy huh? Can we have a fondue party? I'll bring my chocolate fondue set.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I could get so drunk off of food. I have a headache this morning. It was fun though! Great fondue, Nicole is an amazing cook. In fact, I should be posting this on her blog, but Michael is being bossy and making me post RIGHT HERE.

Michael Lasko said...

Stop emailing blog related commentary to me, and I'll stop requesting you post it to the blog.

Tate, do you still have our bottle of kirschwasser? Might be needing it...

Anonymous said...

I wrote an email to Mike this morning that basically thanked him for the great fondue (which really was his wife's doing anyways) and great company (which really was a co-effort by him, his wife and sister-in-law). I do not know how I could have known this should have gone on a blog from 10 days ago.