Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I still think America's great...

Last week, on the 4th of July, I was a marshal in the American Legion's Old Glory Boat Parade.

I had wanted to wear full Apollo Creed gear, but all I had was this hat:
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Thank you to my very good friend and co-worker for bringing me the hat. Here is a picture of the regulary un-American Jessica engaged in a brief moment of flag waving:
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Unexpected duties of a parade marshall:
1) Moving spectating kayaks off the parade route (You would not think this would be required)
2) Listening to protests from Harbor 20s

So this Harbor 20 sails by us towards the end of the parade and complains that the Black Pearl (a sailboat under power) cut him off. Keep in mind, this was a parade. Not a race, or a parade/race...just a parade. But seriously, you cannot enter a sailboat in a parade and not expect boats to get in your way. Anyway, that flag sail is an old Harbor 20 sail painted red, white, and blue. Looks pretty good.
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Anonymous said...

The sailboat was just participating in the good ol' American tradition of complaining. J/K! Had tons of fun!