Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh the jet lag...

Newport Beach

How can Nico possibly be asleep? Oh well, plenty of time for blogging...time for feature #2: Pharmacies I visited in Europe. Some of you may remember, I did a similar segment in Mexico several months back. I was not looking for anything in particular this time.

In Switzerland and Germany, apothekes (hope I spelled that right) are everywhere. Photo #1 is an 18th century pharmacy, now residing in Zurich's Landesmuseum.
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Next up, Lucerne claims one of the oldest continuously operating pharmacies in Europe.
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Breisach also claims one of the oldest continuously operating pharmacies in Europe.
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This pharmacy offers a few value added services. Image Hosted by
3 Euros for cholesterol screening? What a deal! The young girl inside spoke no English. She ran away when I took out my camera, but reappeared with the older woman, who forced her to be in the picture.
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This pharmacie is somewhere in France.
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In Obernai, I met a young pharmacist (6 months out of school), who not only spoke English, but was interested in talking to me. Was that a sentence? Hey, it's 5 in the morning. Pharmacists in France go to school for 6 years, and to our right is a shelf of "Pharmacist only over the counters"...patients can look at them, but cannot touch.
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Here's one more pharmacie in Obernai.
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Basically, that's all the pharmacies there is.

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Anonymous said...

It really is amazing that two people can go on the same trip and see completely different stuff. I think I only saw three pharmacies the whole time, and there's a pretty good chance that two of them were the same one on different days.

Guess I was fixated on all the plumbing vans.