Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In case you had forgotten, this trip was a tandem tour of Europe, so I really should have started with some bicycling pictures. Here are a couple, there are several hundred others that I have not yet sorted through.
Bill and Jan, of Santana Tandems. (If you were wondering what a $14,000 tandem looks like...)
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Our new friends Tate and Sarah:
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And a rare photo of us holding Tate and Sarah's bike (we match it pretty well):
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If you are bored, here are all the photos we shot on the trip...with the exception of a couple of Nicole's do you say? ah yes, deriere. No editing, or deleting has yet been attempted..and some of them are undoubtably sideways. Like I said, if you're bored.


Anonymous said...

No pics of the bruise? Sarah and I were taking bets on what country it most resembled. My money was on Brazil.

We'll try to figure out how to get our pictures online shortly. We've got quite a few action shots of you two.

Now... back to naming things.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this works... but here's a link to our photos of the same event. Same deal - lots of blurry, flipped, rotated, and otherwise incomprehensible photos here. No editing.

Michael Lasko said...

Wow, you took more pictures than I did. Can you email me a couple: PCIT1267 (our's is blurry), PICT 1112 (notice which one of us is working), and PICT0824 (the only known picture of me steering a paddle boat).