Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We've been trying to get rid of some old bottles of wine these last few days. Nicole was making something that needed a glass of white, I can no longer remember what that was...

I started it off by opening the 1999 Martini & Prati Chardonnay. This winery used to be famous for selling freshly made jug wine, which made for a rather fun visit. My quick google search tells me that Martin Ray bought the place. The bottle of chardonnay was an afterthought; it was probably not terribly good 7 years ago, and it did not age well. Down the sink it went.

Next I opened the bottle of 2001(?) University of the Pacific (white wine). Did one of Nicole's former classmates give that to us? Is it something that the college sends to all their alumni? The cork crumbled while I was pulling it out; 5 year old UOP white with a bad cork might very well be the worst wine I have ever tasted...this one went down the sink, as well.

Finally, 2001 Penfolds Chardonnay. This bottle was a Wine Spectator 90+ point wine when I bought it, and I remember it being decent. After 5 years, it ended up on the sweet side.
Nicole cooked with a glass, we each drank a glass, and dumped the rest.

3 bottles down, one hundred something to go.


Unknown said...

You'd better not be dumping my holiday present.

Oh and ... we'll be in California from Feb 3 to Feb 12. Nor-cal is the current plan - but we may be able to drive South and check out the 'sitch' in SoCal. Sarah's never seen my old stomping grounds.

Michael Lasko said...

Cool. You can have free use of the futon (now with 5.1 surround sound).

Anonymous said...

Dates changed. Will send an email next week with info. Only there for seven days now, so SoCal is gonna be tight if we can do it.