Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Does she have biceps like Henry Rollins?

The mission: Get in shape before the Jamaica trip...just in case Nico wants to go to the nude beach...more correctly, it's a nude island. Why the hell would they evacuate the nude island before taking this picture?

So it was off to the ARC for a Tuesday night workout. We have had membership at the ARC for years, but only manage to get in there once every 6 months...and I cannot remember ever having made it into the weight room. The weights were more like something you would find in the world's largest physical therapy facility. They have a machine for everything. Nicole was afraid of the various contraptions, and did not believe me when I told her all she had to do was 1) decide what part of the body needed work, and 2) find the machine with a picture of that part of the body. Instead she has hired a personal trainer. I think it is Fabio. No, I am not a jealous guy.

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