Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fresno, no one goes to Fresno.

Evidently it's rainbow time in Fresno again. No, not that rainbow, this Rainbow. The one with all the weird alliterative names (like Gregarious Grizzlies, Pandering Pandas, Jumpin-Jesus Freaks). (I do believe the two organizations used to share a flag.)

It seems Tropical Heaven in 2007 is the theme for this year's assembly of the ole' clan. Wow, does this thing really go on for 4 days?

Some of you may have noticed, I am not a 12 year old girl; I have no ballroom dress; and hey, I was not even invited.

Therefore, I am now taking suggestions for things to do this weekend. Currently in consideration: running, bicycling, sailing, heavy drinking...that sounds like every weekend.

If you have a better suggestion, it must pass the official Rainbow test: It must be more fun than 12 year old girls walking around in ballroom dresses. (Dr. Laura does not approve of 12 year old girls walking around in ballroom dresses, either.) Also, the suggestion must in no way involve Service. This will be an anti-Service weekend.


tricia said...

Ready for this? *GASP* I think I decided NOT to go... ewwwww... ahhhh...

Speaking of Rainbows, I want to let you know that we WON the jersey contest. Yes, a straight man competed and won a contest sponsored by ACL. Not just once, but we took 2 of the 3 jerseys! BOO YA!

Michael Lasko said...

Tricia, let's go bicycling on Saturday. It will be more fun than a ballroom dress.

Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

To be clear, Dr. Laura didn't approve of 12-yr-old girls being required to invite boys to a dance. She approves of Rainbow in general.

Michael Lasko said...

If memory serves, the good doctor does not object to 12 year olds going to dances with boys...she objects to 12 year old girls mingling with 17 year old girls (and boys) at said dances (and other events).

Every bad word I ever learned was from a cousin 5 years my senior.