Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I can play this here guitar...

(I was going to title this post "I got blisters on my fingers," but it sure feels like I already gave a post that title. I can't seem to locate it now, so maybe I just imagined giving a post that title.)

I am sure Snake Woman has written a guitar class post, but I am still boycotting her blog, so I cannot link directly to it. Actually, please support my boycott by not clicking that link; you can read a little about my guitar class right here:

I'm taking this guitar class at Coastline College. Coastline College is a strange college in that they have no campus; rather, the guitar class meets in the band room at Estancia High School. Class is frequently interrupted by band geeks getting and/or putting away their instruments.

A little too advanced for me, the instructor (a master guitarist), has scared most of the absolute beginners out of the class. (Please don't click that link.) If nothing else, the class has inspired me to play the guitar a little more often...every Monday as a matter of fact, with a couple of more senior classmates (Lee, world champion Harbor 20 racer; and Joe, amateur guitar builder). So last night, walking towards Lee's house on the beautiful Balboa Island, Joe and I get stopped by this old man who just happened to be an original member of the Kingston Trio. I am not sure if he was replaced by another third guy, or if he was the fourth member. He said he played with them at Stanford, but the rest of the band was too heavy into the drugs, so he had to quit the Trio. When I think banjos and matching striped shirts, I think hardcore narcotics, how about you?

I guess Lee invited him to play with us, but the former Kingston Trio member declined because he uses an unusual open C tuning, and cannot play a conventionally strung guitar. So instead of 1950s folk rock, we played Margaritaville a few dozen times. My fingers are killing me. Joe says my guitar needs new strings. Yeah, I rock.


Jessica K. said...

Someone asked me why I am being boycotted by Michael. I didn't really think much about it the last couple of months. However, Michael told me today it had to do with a racial slur of mine which he pointed out on his very last comment in my blog.

Here it is (paraphrased): Nicole, Soon Doo Boo cannot be your comfort food.

I had further explained that comfort foods are something you go to when you're sick and that you love and 1) the fact that Nicole was asking what it was shows she does not love it (at least yet) and does not rely on it for comfort 2) fondue was suggested since she had made it for me several times

There you have it, for all you who are curious.

Michael Lasko said...

That sounds like neither retraction nor apology. You are banned from this blog.