Friday, March 16, 2007

In the year 2000...

The computers have been down since yesterday morning. More correctly, the pharmacy computer systems have been down. As you can see, I can still do the important stuff.

Speaking of faulty computers, this new Daylight Saving Time has had a far greater impact on my life than did Y2K. For starters, my DVD player kept resetting to the wrong time (resolved after I unchecked the auto-adjust for DST) it turns out, I would have been better off not fixing that problem, as all the programs scheduled on the satellite receiver are still off by the same hour (though I cannot say I am that disappointed about recording the World Poker Tour instead of Lost).

If I took my career more seriously, I would also have a rant about all the appointments in Outlook and/or my cell phone being off by an hour...

Since I have nothing else going on, I guess I will start a "Training for the RockNRoll Marathon" mileage log.

So far this week: 15 miles (all on treadmill).

I am not really sure how treadmill miles compare to regular miles, but Nico will only run on the boardwalk at tortoise pace.

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