Saturday, April 14, 2007

And if you don't expect too much form me, you might not be let down...

For the first time since leaving my job at the happiest place on earth, I have exceeded expectations on an annual performance review. Oh my God, I entered the pharmacy profession (or at least pharmacy business) 12 years ago...

Certainly, the main reason for my run of mediocre (met expectations) performance reviews has been the fact that I am rarely in a job long enough to be evaluated, let alone long enough to receive any sort of commendation. But also, I tend to do my work very well when I start a job (if it's interesting, at least...Crescent Healthcare was not interesting); after a few months, I get bored, and begin the search for a new job. I suppose much of life is like this. I really need to reverse my strategy in the future...exceeding expectations would be a breeze.

So I am not really sure what I did differently during this last year of employment. Just in case somebody important is reading my blog, I will not write about how I've been phoning it in here for as long as I can remember. (I have a friend who once had a merit increase revoked [due to UC budget constraints, not lack of merit]--I think he hung a sign over his desk that read: "I will pretend to work for as long as you pretend to pay me". Or was that the other way around: "As long as you pretend to pay me, I will pretend to work"?)

Note to anyone that has recently complained that my posts are of no interest to anybody except the writer:

1) Please put blog related comments and/or complaints in the appropriate comment field. Yes, registration is required, but it takes 10 seconds to register, and you are more than welcome to make up a name.

2) Read more carefully, maybe something will be applicable to your own existence. Maybe not, I am not particulary deep, and I am well aware my writing style can be less than clear. If you want easy, try USA Today (The only newspaper in the country that is not afraid to tell the truth: that everything is just fine).

Sorry, I did not mean to chastise my 3 or 4 remaining readers. On that note, a special takealotofdrugs shout out to my Uncle Terry, who somehow stumbled across my page a few days ago. Hey Terry, how much UNH stock is too much UNH stock?

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Unknown said...

4... you most certainly have 4. It's just that I tend to read your posts when I have spare time - which right now is at 8 AM on a Saturday before putting in the next 12 hours putting together baby furniture and feeling stupid because I can't figure out how to hang wall border. (But there's no way I'm lettin' my kiddo sleep in a room without an alphabet on the wall. Might make 'em not get into UCLA.)