Saturday, April 07, 2007

It's always 5 o'clock somewhere.

(Alternative title was: And you people thought I was making this#@!& up.)

If I have any Prescription Solutions readers left, sorry about the video. Here's a still of the raised martini flag:

In retrospect, we really should have been drinking Coronas.

In entertainment news: Went to see Grindhouse last night. I can't remember the last movie I saw in the theater; it takes a lot to get me into a a new Quentin Tarantino movie. If you have not seen any Grindhouse press, it's supposed to be a re-creation of a cheesy double feature you may have seen in a 1970s theater (if you're old enough). Robert Rodriguez made the first movie, which was actually pretty good. Perhaps after 2 hours of sitting in one place, I was just unprepared for a Tarantino movie. Please read a professional's review somewhere else; I will just say: 1) Tarantino does not write dialouge for women very well (or maybe he does, but it felt too much like he was saying, "Hey, I can write for women, too." and 2) All 7 or 8 women in the movie sounded like Uma Thurman in either Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill (or Kill Bill 2). Get somebody to read this, if you don't know what I'm talking about: "I do believe Marsellus Wallace, my husband, your boss, told you to take me out and do whatever I want. I wanna dance, I wanna win. I want that trophy, so dance good."

So now I'm curious...for this movie, Tarantino can obviuosly just tell his actresses: "Read your lines like Mia Wallace..." But what did he tell Uma Thurman for Pulp Fiction? Does she talk like that all the time?

In other entertainment news, Snakes on a Plane came in the mail today. Without having seen the movie, I thought I would write a Snakes on a Plane Drinking Game. Here it is:

Snakes on a Plane Drinking Game

Take a drink when:

Somebody says: "Snakes on a plane" (Two drinks if it's Samuel L. Jackson)
Somebody gets bit by a snake (Two drinks if it's Samuel L. Jackson)
Any reference to a specific type of snake (Two drinks if it's a Black Mambo)
Finish your drink if: 1) Samuel L. Jackson says: "Snakes on a mother $#@%&*! plane" or 2) Samuel L. Jackson get's killed.

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Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

Way too much drinking in this drinking game. There were a lot of snakes.