Monday, April 16, 2007

I told the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email sent to my coworkers on Saturday:

Some friends were going to come over for dinner tonight, but have cancelled due to illness.

If I know Mrs. Lasko at all, she’ll be spending the day cleaning up the condo and cooking something fabulous (while I slave away here at work). Were I to relay the above information promptly, it is likely that neither of these things will happen.

So the question for the group is: at what hour am I required to let the Mrs. know that nobody will be joining us for dinner? Hmmmn, why isn’t Minh working today?

My tally from the all female crew yielded one "LOL" (which I took to mean, "No need to tell her yet"), 3 responses of the: "Have you no conscience?" variety, and 3 abstentions. (This world is run by clowns, who don't get my jokes).

I ended up breaking the news to Nicole before any of the extensive cooking and/or cleaning occurred...I was rewarded with: a clean house, tamales from scratch, and a mojito. I don't think it's a gay

I guess those Mormons might be on to something.

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