Sunday, April 08, 2007

Buy us beers, we're friends for life.

Alternative title was: "It's never winter here"

Except it was a very cold day sailing, so that title was not very appropriate. Except in an ironic sort of way, I suppose.

Nicole always looks huge in these photos (like she could crush the other occupants of the boat at will--do not anger Giant Nicole). She's actually quite svelte, but everybody else is always afraid to move off the benches...putting Nicole on the rail, at the front of the boat (and closest to the photographer). If I knew more about art, or photography...or physics, I would know what this was called. (perspective???) Also pictured are Janet, and Janet's friends Charles and Samantha. Charles bought us nachos and beer (please see title above), and Samantha quotes lines from Airplane, so they get another photo (beautiful Corona Del Mar coastline in the background).

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