Monday, January 14, 2008

Excerpt of conversation with Nico this morning:

Me: Happy Smurf Day!
Nico: Today is Smurf Day?
Me: Yes. Have a smurfy Day.
Nico: Have a smurfy Day.
Me: Smurf off.
Mico: That's not a very smurf thing to say. I am your smurf. You should treat me with smurf and smurfiness.
Me: That's too many "smurfs". Nobody knows what you're talking about.

Since it's inception, I have posted 300 times to Can you believe 2 of those posts (0.67%) have been about the Smurfs?


Mrs. Nicole Lasko said...

I believe the quote should have been "...treat me with smurf and smurfect," which makes perfect sense.

Michael Lasko said...

Smurfect is so not a word. You think it is a word, because it sounds like "Smurfette", but it is not.